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A Custom Home Design That Makes Your Friend’s And Family’s Jaws Drop

You have an idea of what your dream home looks like, now you need a builder that can bring your dreams to life. At Insight Development Group, we will never make you compromise on your new home. We specialise in creating affordable custom homes, that fit within your budget. And we won’t make you resort to ‘cookie cutter’, generic family homes. Every home should be as unique as those living in it.

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Wollongong Builders Who Are Experts In Building Homes

Striving to be the Best House Builders in Wollongong

Great homes don’t happen by accident. They come about through a combination of factors that include finding out what the client wants, detailed planning and design to meet those needs, meticulous preparation, a construction process that uses the best materials and workmanship, and an on-going wish to be the very best for every client.

Those are the principles and practices we follow for all new build homes in Wollongong. It enables us to build stunning homes that will continue to look great many years from now, that our clients love to live in and which, despite their quality, are surprisingly affordable.

Keeping to those high standards takes time, effort and application. It also requires an innovative approach to ensure that we keep abreast of the latest technology and techniques so that we always build the best possible properties. Consequently, we invest in research, explore new ideas and are always flexible in our approach so that we can improve constantly.

High Standards and Aims from Wollongong Builders

One way we’re not flexible is in our attitude to quality. We won’t compromise our standards and always use the best, produce the best and aim to be the best new home builders in Wollongong.

To achieve that aim, we:

  • talk to our clients to ensure we know what they want and to keep them fully informed of progress
  • train our employees on an on-going basis so they’re fully familiar with the latest techniques and can use them in the construction of your home
  • are passionate about what we do and ensure our employees share that passion and are committed to producing top quality homes and satisfied clients
  • believe in a team approach where everyone involved is a member of the team — that includes you as a client as well as all our employees, suppliers and other partners
  • have full involvement from initial contact by a client right through the development process to handover and throughout the warranty period.

As home builders in Wollongong, we want clients who are completely happy with every aspect of what we do and the homes we produce for them. Our success in that aim is measured in the number of referrals and recommendations we get, which produce a large part of our business.

How Custom Home Builders in Wollongong Ensure Your Needs are Met

Every home we build is unique and is designed to meet client needs exactly. To do that, an initial consultation is a crucial part of the process because, as Wollongong home builders, it’s where we learn what you hope to achieve and translate that into reality through our layout and plans for the house.

Since we’ve discussed your requirements in detail, we expect to get the overall design reasonably right first time but we’ll adapt it until it exactly meets your needs. That includes personalising the home with features, fittings and colour schemes so it’s a reflection of you rather than just being a selected design that others also have.

As well as creating a home that matches your lifestyle, we ensure it’s flexible and adaptable so it can continue to meet your needs as your life changes in the future. Families grow, get older and then shrink as children leave home, and you don’t want to have to move home every time that happens. So, as part of every project we home builders in Wollongong undertake, we create homes you can adapt every time your lifestyle and circumstances change.

Renovation Builders Wollongong Residents Can Have Faith In

Designing and building your own home is one of the boldest and most exciting adventures that you can embark upon. It requires bravery and creativity but once your project is complete, you’ll have a home that you can be proud of that will last you for a lifetime if it’s constructed by the right builders.

That’s the trick: finding builders Wollongong NSW residents can trust. You want to have complete trust in your builders to execute your project perfectly in a way that captures your initial vision. You want your dream home to become a real, forever home.

Designing and building your own home is one of the boldest and most exciting adventures that you can embark upon. It requires bravery and creativity but once your project is complete, you’ll have a home that you can be proud of that will last you for a lifetime if it’s constructed by the right builders.

That’s the trick: finding builders Wollongong NSW residents can trust. You want to have complete trust in your builders to execute your project perfectly in a way that captures your initial vision. You want your dream home to become a real, forever home.

If you’re in the process of planning out your dream home, you’ll be researching builders. Here’s a deeper dig into what Insight Development can offer you.

Licensed Builders Wollongong Residents Can Trust

We are certified Master Builders and we live up to this reputation each and every day on every project that we work on. We have a history filled with successful projects, happy customers and fantastic buildings. This is what matters to us and motivates us, underpinning all of the features that we offer:

The Best Materials

You’re building your own home, so you’ll want to ensure that every single piece of it is built with love, care and the best materials out there on the market.

Our materials are sourced locally, and they are incredibly durable. Your home will stand the test of time thanks to these materials, such as our steel frames. These are truly the future of house development and you can have them today.

These frames are made entirely from recyclable materials and they’re very strong. This means that they’re impervious to many of the issues that face traditional frames, such as twisting and distortion. The frames also work to prevent termite and borer infections, serious issues that face homes which are built using other materials.

What’s more, the frames reduce the risk of fire damage and they don’t have to be chemically treated. These are powerful benefits that keep your home safe and also mean it’s easier to insure your new house.

Superior Workmanship

The best materials are great, but they’re nothing but parts without the talented and experienced hands to put them together in a way that makes sense. Our team has 19 years of experience and we are motivated each and every day by the thrill of helping our customers with their projects. In this time we have honed our craft, perfected our supply chain and worked on countless amazing projects.

Each house that we construct is a pleasure and our customers are always delighted to see their dream become a physical reality they can enjoy each and every day.

Book Your Free Consultation Today

At Insight Development we are truly committed to your needs and we exist to breathe life into your vision for your new home. Our project begins with a free consultation which lasts for 30 minutes. This is a no-obligation chat where we get to find out more about you and your project and give you free advice on how you might be best suited to go forwards.

We can’t wait to talk: to organise your free consultation simply fill out our simple online form.

Insight Development Group are the best home builders in Wollongong who have been delivering new homes on the coast of NSW. Whether you would like a home in Sutherland, Cronulla or the Illawara region, there are many new home packages available for you! Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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  • Low-quality, imported materials that break down straight away…
  • Inexperienced designers who take years to complete the project…
  • Standardised, pre-fabricated designs that are the same as everyone else…

The Best Custom Homes In Wollongong, Designed Specifically For Your Lifestyle

Luckily, we don’t do any of that at Insight Development Group. Instead we use 100% custom-made designs to build a one-of-a-kind house for you. We spare no expense to create the best homes in Wollongong, so you can truly become the lord and lady of your domain.

If you want a hovel that’s falling apart before you even move in, then unfortunately we can’t help you. But if you want an unbreakable castle that lasts the test of time, then talk to us TODAY, and we’ll talk you through the whole process FREE.

Luxury Homes

Townhouses & Duplexes

Granny Flats

What Makes Our Custom Homes Stand The Test Of Time?

What good is a house that falls to pieces? We don’t know, because none of our houses ever have. That’s because we use steel frames for everything we build.


  • Prevents all termite and borer infections. (And breaks the little bugger’s teeth if they even dare to try.)
  • They secure your home’s structural strength by never shrinking, warping or twisting. (So you can avoid unsightly problems like wavy rooflines.)
  • Do not require any chemical treatment which provides a chemical-free safe home. (So your family grows up healthy)
  • Reduces the risk of fire damage as they are completely non-combustible. (Making your house safer and easier to insure)
  • Made from 100% recyclable material that protects the environment for future generations. (So you know you’re being responsible)

You can see why steel frames are more expensive. Now, you could save some money and use old technology. But why bother when you can get steel frames for no extra cost? That’s our promise to you.

Insight is a Proud Member of the Master Builders Association of NSW

Make Your Dream Home A Reality – And Not An Experience You Wish You Didn’t Have

Buying a home is one thing, but building your own is a once in a lifetime experience. There are a lot of things to consider… and everything needs to be just right.

At Insight Development Group we don’t work with just anybody. Our clients want custom-made designs, high-quality construction, and unique houses that no-one has ever seen before.

To see if you’re a right fit, see if the following apply to you

You Don’t Want To Just Copy The House Next Door

You Want A Palace Whose Beauty Shines Bright

You Want The Best – Period

Here’s The Insight Development Difference…

If you answered YES to the above, then you’re in the right place. Here’s what you get when you work with us…


You choose the type of house you want and how you want it to look down to a tee.


Be completely confident you’ll receive an outstanding result. We are a registered Master Builder with 19 years of experience in creating custom-built houses.

Premier Materials

Materials are ordered specifically for your project. You’ll never be limited to only choosing from materials available in stock, because we don’t cut corners by ordering in bulk beforehand.


Our fully customised building process is designed according to your exact requirements.


Build your dream home with a team who manages every step of the project together with you.

We Partner With The Best In The Industry Including…

You’ll Get All Of This Value In Just 30 Weeks – Guaranteed

But great design by itself isn’t enough.

That’s why we guarantee to give you the best service and only use the highest quality materials. Your new house will be completely built and finished within 30 weeks of breaking ground. And we’ll keep working on your project until you are completely satisfied.

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Plus, For A Limited Time, Get A FREE Steel frame Upgrade

Do you want an ugly, crappy house that falls over like house of cards? Or, a unique and magnificent castle that is the envy of everyone – built to last with your FREE steel frame upgrade?

The choice is yours. Insight Development Group is here to help create your perfect house…

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