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Cronulla Builders: How We Build New Homes

Steel Frame Homes from Cronulla Builders — Why They’re the Best Option

A new home is a significant investment for anyone and so you want it to last. Any problems can cause financial loss as well as disruption if needing to move out while remedial work is undertaken.

In a country such as Australia, there are specific challenges that can threaten your home. These include very high temperatures and other extremes of weather that can cause buildings to move, warp and crack. There’s also danger from termite attacks and other insect intrusions as well as the possibility of fires that threaten buildings. Whilst none of these perils can be guarded against 100%, a steel frame for a building is more effective than any other form of construction.

Why Home Builders in Cronulla Prefer Steel Frames

A traditional wood frame for a home does have advantages in terms of speed of construction, durability and is a proven method. However, timber is susceptible to attack from termites and other pests, needing regular chemical treatment to keep them at bay, which is sometimes difficult and easily overlooked when the frame is hidden and inaccessible.

Wood can shrink, warp and crack over time, possibly putting the building out of line and making it less stable. It’s a flammable material and so, if a fire does occur, it will spread more easily and quickly in a wood framed house.

A steel frame property overcomes all these problems because steel is not affected by insects, keeps its shape and will not burn. The result is a house that’s much more stable, secure, safe and easier to maintain with less on-going cost.

Steel has a strength that few other building materials possess. Each component is securely bolted to others, so the roof trusses are locked to the wall, which in turn is fastened to the base. The result is an immensely strong frame that means the house itself is also correspondingly strong.

The strength of the frame is indicated by the length of its warranty, which is far longer than any available for a wood frame. That gives you peace of mind that the basis for your home is the best it can be, in line with the rest of the property.

The Best Builders Cronulla Has To Offer

As builders in Cronulla, we take great pride in the homes we develop. That extends to using the very best materials, among which is the finest quality steel frame we can obtain.

With a steel frame, the main structure of your home is safe and resistant to many threats. The whole building will remain straight and true throughout its life because the frame won’t twist or shrink. Consequently, any attached plasterboards won’t move and plaster won’t crack, avoiding costly repairs and redecoration.

Our precision engineered frames fit together exactly as they should and enable us to create clean and straight lines within your home. We can develop large open spaces without the need for pillars and with no risk of sagging.

Since all frames are made to order, they assist in our principle of creating truly unique homes for every client. We aren’t restricted by standard frame packages that will limit you to having a home with a standard layout. Instead, steel frames give us the freedom to create properties that are unique and meet your needs.

For a safe, secure and strong home that uniquely matches your lifestyle and circumstances, get a steel frame home from Insight Development Group, the company that delivers perfect homes to its clients.

Insight Development Group are the best home builders in Wollongong who have been delivering new homes on the coast of NSW. Whether you would like a home in Sutherland, Cronulla or the Illawara region, there are many new home packages available for you! Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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  • Designed by experienced steel-frame building specialists
  • Constructed from high-quality materials to your exact specifications
  • Delivered on time and to budget – and that’s a promise

It’s Our Attention To Detail That Makes The Insight Difference

We’re the Cronulla builders you can trust to build you a home that works for you. We design and build unique, bespoke homes that are not only aesthetically beautiful but are functional and practical too.

We understand that what words for one family may not work for another – we’re all different – and so are our homes. Find out how we can create a custom-made home for you by booking a FREE consultation TODAY.

Luxury Homes

Townhouses & Duplexes

Granny Flats

Longevity, Strength And Durability Comes From High-Quality Steel Frames

Our homes are constructed with steel frames as we believe it’s the best way to build a house that’s strong, durable and long-lasting.


  • They’re as strong as concrete but much lighter (and concrete has to have steel bars in anyway!)
  • Termites and other borers can’t get their teeth into them (that’s a great bonus!)
  • Steel won’t twist, warp or shrink (no matter what the elements may throw at it)
  • They’re eco-friendly, recyclable, non-combustible and need no chemical treatments (that’s an awful lot of positives)

You can see why steel frames are more expensive. Now, you could save some money and use old technology. But why bother when you can get steel frames for no extra cost? That’s our promise to you.

Insight is a Proud Member of the Master Builders Association of NSW

Can Other Cronulla Builders Give You What You Want?

We’re guessing that you want an individually designed home that’s built to the highest specifications that will last a lifetime and more?

That’s what you’ll get at Insight Development Group. We’re the custom home specialists Cronulla residents need to create homes as individual as you are.

To see if you’re a right fit, see if the following apply to you

You Don’t Want To Just Copy The House Next Door

You Want A Palace Whose Beauty Shines Bright

You Want The Best – Period

Here’s The Insight Development Difference…

If you answered YES to the above, then you’re in the right place. Here’s what you get when you work with us…


You choose the type of house you want and how you want it to look down to a tee.


Be completely confident you’ll receive an outstanding result. We are a registered Master Builder with 19 years of experience in creating custom-built houses.

Premier Materials

Materials are ordered specifically for your project. You’ll never be limited to only choosing from materials available in stock, because we don’t cut corners by ordering in bulk beforehand.


Our fully customised building process is designed according to your exact requirements.


Build your dream home with a team who manages every step of the project together with you.

We Partner With The Best In The Industry Including…

The Insight 30 Week Guarantee Comes As Standard

That’s what we promise and that’s what we deliver.

We don’t make hollow promises. We say we can deliver within 30 weeks of starting on site, and that’s what we do. No excuses, no extensions – just quality custom-made homes, on time and on budget! That’s the Insight way.

Steel Frame Upgrade? We’d Like To Give You One For Free!

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It’s just a token of our appreciation to say thanks for entrusting us to build your most valuable asset…

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