In Just 30 Weeks You Could Be Moving Into Your Bespoke Dream Home In Kiama

There’s no ‘cookie-cutter’ builds or shoddy workmanship when you choose our construction experts to construct your new home. Just a unique, personalised property built to your exact needs.

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Kiama Builders

Getting the Home You Need from Kiama Builders

Building homes is all we do and, because we’ve done a lot of them, we’re very good at it. But that doesn’t mean we’re complacent — far from it — because we’re constantly looking for ways to improve.

We don’t do standard designs and so every home is unique, designed specifically to meet each individual customer’s needs. They do, however, have some constant features — they’re all built to a high standard of materials and workmanship, each has the benefit of steel-framed construction and every one receives personal and attentive service.

Attention to Detail and Personal Service from Home Builders in Kiama

Since every home we build is unique, we start with a discussion of what every client needs from their home. In many cases, that can depend on who they are, the size and age of the family and their lifestyle. So our initial discussion will focus on finding out these important details about our client so we can build a home that exactly meets their needs.

The layout of many homes is specifically to take advantage of the Australian climate and our love of the outdoor life. That involves providing the means to move easily from inside to outside by opening up living areas to connect to the outside space. The aim is to create a true living environment where the interior and exterior of your home can be treated as one, if that’s what you want, so you can take full advantage of the summer weather and live the life you want.

How Builders in Kiama Work

We can and will create the home you want and will take full account of your wishes. Having said that, there is a need to be practical and so we will advise you of what will and won’t work and will always be aware of your stated budget and the need to keep within it. The aim is to create a home that looks great, both internally and externally, and is also functionally efficient.

The outcome of our initial discussions will be a floor plan of the property and images of what it will look like from various aspects. Whilst the appearance of your home is obviously very important, it’s also vital that we design a home that works effectively. We will, therefore, take account of movement between the various rooms, as well as from inside to outside, to ensure the layout is as efficient as it can be.

The Perfect Home that Works Perfectly

The home you end up with will be the home you want, not one that conforms to a standard design that forces you to make compromises. We’ve been operating as builders in Kiama long enough to know that the latter approach can only result in disappointment and that isn’t what we want. Instead, we want all our clients to be 100% happy with the home we provide and that means it has to be unique in order to meet individual needs.

Our homes are light and airy, attractive and have spaces that flow one to another. We can create areas for privacy and others for communal living and can allow for easy transition between the two. We also develop homes that make the best use of the site, fit in with the environment and are energy efficient. But, above all, we create the home you really want.

Insight Development Group are the best home builders in Wollongong who have been delivering new homes on the coast of NSW. Whether you would like a home in Sutherland, Cronulla or the Illawara region, there are many new home packages available for you! Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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  • We only ever use the materials of the highest specifications
  • Built to your specifications on time and within budget
  • Our skilled designers are experts in creating livable spaces

This Is Why Insight Is Different

As local Kiama builders, we understand what families want from their homes, and we know how to build them. Functional, practical and beautiful – our homes are designed with your needs and your budget in mind.

What’s the point in giving you a design that you love but can’t afford? Or a house that’s ‘just about good enough’ but doesn’t inspire you? At Insight we get the balance just right. Book your FREE consultation TODAY to find out more.

Luxury Homes

Townhouses & Duplexes

Granny Flats

Innovation And Steel Frames Come As Standard – It’s The Insight Way!

We build all our houses with high-quality steel frames as we believe it’s the best method. Our home are built to last – and last – and last!

Want to know why steel is the best? Here’s why…

  • Termites and other boring creatures don’t stand a chance when faced with a steel frame
  • The integrity of your structure is guaranteed as there’s no shrinkage, no warping and definitely no twisting
  • Do not require any chemical treatment which provides a chemical-free safe home. (So your family grows up healthy)
  • Steel is an eco-friendly option and completely recyclable
    It doesn’t require treatment with nasty chemicals – which is better for you and better for the environment
  • Steel frames stand tall in the face of fire – your home is safer and more attractive to insurance companies

You can see why steel frames are more expensive. Now, you could save some money and use old technology. But why bother when you can get steel frames for no extra cost? That’s our promise to you.

Insight is a Proud Member of the Master Builders Association of NSW

Kiama Builders Who Care About Your Satisfaction

It’s easy to find Kiama builders, but how easy is it to find builders who specialise in building individual homes from the highest quality materials?

We won’t offer you a house that we want to build; we give you choices.And then we take care of everything from start to finish until you’re completely satisfied. That’s the ‘Insight Promise’.

To see if you’re a right fit, see if the following apply to you

You Don’t Want To Just Copy The House Next Door

You Want A Palace Whose Beauty Shines Bright

You Want The Best – Period

Here’s The Insight Development Difference…

If you answered YES to the above, then you’re in the right place. Here’s what you get when you work with us…


You choose the type of house you want and how you want it to look down to a tee.


Be completely confident you’ll receive an outstanding result. We are a registered Master Builder with 19 years of experience in creating custom-built houses.

Premier Materials

Materials are ordered specifically for your project. You’ll never be limited to only choosing from materials available in stock, because we don’t cut corners by ordering in bulk beforehand.


Our fully customised building process is designed according to your exact requirements.


Build your dream home with a team who manages every step of the project together with you.

We Partner With The Best In The Industry Including…

30 Weeks May Sound Like A Tall Order…But We Can Meet It

Just ask our satisfied customers.

Your satisfaction is our aim – and our reason for building. We don’t make promises we can’t keep; we give you efficient project management to keep your build on track and a stress-free experience that will result in a home you’ll love!Click the button below to get started right away.

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Yes! I understand I will receive FREE steel framing upgrade that makes the structural integrity of my home rock-solid, protects it against termites, and is completely free from chemical treatment.

We respect your privacy and promise never to rent or share your details with anybody without your consent.