We Build Your New Home From The Foundations Up In Just 30 Weeks – And That’s A Promise!

From breaking ground to moving within 30 weeks? Yes you read that right. Our new home packages give you a home that’s beautifully built and tailored to your needs – not those of your neighbour.

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It May Not Be A Castle – But It’s Your Perfect Home

And you deserve to have the best of everything: the best build, the best builders, the best home.

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New Home Packages

Saving Time and Effort with our New Home Packages

Buying a new home can be a lot of hassle at the best of times. But if you have to find the plot of land and then separately organise the building of your house on it, that can make the procedure even worse.

You’ll have to go through two selection processes, with separate contracts and payments, and the whole thing is made much longer and more complicated than it needs to be. A much simpler alternative is to go for a new home package where you buy the plot of land and house together. That means one point of contact, a single legal contract, and only one financial arrangement so there’s a reduced likelihood of delays and misunderstandings.

Getting the New Home Package That’s Right for You

Before you start, work out the budget you can afford since this will determine the eventual package you can go for. At least, in this case, you’re dealing with one figure and won’t have to split it between land and building elements, possibly having to compromise on the latter if you overspend on the former.

With your budget figure in mind, choose an estate that suits your needs. This will depend on the area where you’d prefer to live and the local community providing the type of lifestyle you want. Also consider transport links to get you to work, local schools, shops, hospitals and things to do in the area.

Before finally making your choice, ensure the builder is right for you. The builder must be licensed, have the necessary insurance, be financially stable and reliable. Check other homes on the estate are of good quality and speak to the occupants if you can.

When you do settle on a particular estate, you’ll need to choose a suitable plot. The larger lots will naturally tend to be the most expensive but give greater scope for your home and surrounding land. Those on sloping land may be cheaper but any savings could be offset by higher building costs, which may also be affected by rocky or unstable soil.

The shape of the plot will determine the layout of the house that goes on it and your choice may also be influenced by other factors — whether it’s elevated for good views and if the back gets the sun in the afternoon. Once you’ve chosen your plot, establish the design and layout of the house and what goes with it.

Choices may be influenced by what’s already on the estate and how a particular style fits in with others and suits its own plot. You need to establish what’s included in the eventual price (kitchen, bathrooms, fixtures and fittings, driveways, landscaping, etc.) and the likely date for completion of construction. Also, try to incorporate sustainability features to offset future price rises for power and water.

Our New Homes Packages and You

At the Insight Development Group, we’re fully familiar with building homes on clients’ plots as well as part of new home packages. The only real difference is we’re also supplying the land in the latter case because, either way, the homes we build are still unique.

Unlike many home and land packages, we don’t put a standard design home on a plot of land because, if we did, our clients would have to compromise and couldn’t get the home they wanted. Instead, we provide a unique, steel-framed house that meets each client’s individual needs, so you don’t have to accept second best just because you’re buying a package.

Insight Development Group are the best home builders in Wollongong who have been delivering new homes on the coast of NSW. Whether you would like a home in Sutherland, Cronulla or the Illawara region, there are many new home packages available for you! Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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When Only The Best Will Do – We Deliver With Steel Frames

  • Our new home packages start with your ideas and your requirements
  • Experienced designers will turn your design into a functional but beautiful property
  • Using superior quality materials and steel frames for added strength and longevity

New Home Packages That Are A Little Different To The Norm

When Insight builds new homes we don’t just give you a one-size-fits all solution. We create new home packages that are tailored to you and your needs. That’s what we’re known for.

We promise to build your new home within 30 weeks of starting on site and deliver it to agreed specifications. That’s the Insight Difference and the Insight Promise. Book a consultation NOW to discover more.

Luxury Homes

Townhouses & Duplexes

Granny Flats

Built With High Quality Steel Frames – Our Homes Won’t Let You Down

We believe that steel offers the best solution for new build properties. You’ll find it in all our projects. It’s the perfect complement to our new build techniques.

What’s so special about steel frames? We’re glad you asked…

  • They’re a lightweight alternative to concrete which offer the same level of strength
  • They won’t twist, warp or shrink and they’re totally resistant to fire
  • Termites and other borers quake in their boots when faced with a steel frame … honestly!
  • They’re made from recyclable materials – a boon for the environmentally friendly and eco-conscious among you.

You can see why steel frames are more expensive. Now, you could save some money and use old technology. But why bother when you can get steel frames for no extra cost? That’s our promise to you.

Insight is a Proud Member of the Master Builders Association of NSW

No Cookie Cutter Homes At Insight! Just Bespoke New Home Packages That Are As Individual As You Are!

And that’s part of the Insight difference. We don’t create rows and rows of identical houses. We create homes for individuals that are as functional as they are beautiful.

We believe that everyone deserves a home that works for them – and everyone deserves that home to be built to the highest possible standards.

To see if you’re a right fit, see if the following apply to you

You Don’t Want To Just Copy The House Next Door

You Want A Palace Whose Beauty Shines Bright

You Want The Best – Period

Here’s The Insight Development Difference…

If you answered YES to the above, then you’re in the right place. Here’s what you get when you work with us…


You choose the type of house you want and how you want it to look down to a tee.


Be completely confident you’ll receive an outstanding result. We are a registered Master Builder with 19 years of experience in creating custom-built houses.

Premier Materials

Materials are ordered specifically for your project. You’ll never be limited to only choosing from materials available in stock, because we don’t cut corners by ordering in bulk beforehand.


Our fully customised building process is designed according to your exact requirements.


Build your dream home with a team who manages every step of the project together with you.

We Partner With The Best In The Industry Including…

Did We Say We Delivered Within 30 Weeks? Sorry, Are We Getting Boring?

It’s just that we feel that it’s something to shout about!

Getting the keys to your new home is one of the most exciting times in your life. And we want to make it happen sooner rather than later. And that’s why we offer our 30 week promise on all our new home packages.

How Does A Steel Frame Upgrade Sound? Hurry, It’s A Limited Offer!

Available on all our new home packages – but don’t wait too long or you may miss out!

It’s a way to say ‘thanks’ for giving us the chance to become part of your homemaking history…

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Buying a new home is a big decision. And choosing a builder is just one of the choices you must make – and perhaps the most important one. So why not book a 30 minute consultation with us to ask all those important questions?

Yes! I understand I will receive FREE steel framing upgrade that makes the structural integrity of my home rock-solid, protects it against termites, and is completely free from chemical treatment.

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